Site layout and preparation - Vroom Foundation Technology
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Site layout and preparation

Sometimes Vroom Funderingstechnieken (Vroom Foundation Technology) acts more or less as the general contractor at the start of a building project. This means that Vroom is responsible for site layout and preparation up to and including completion of the foundation structure.

When a customer gives Vroom responsibility even before the start of construction, up to and including completion of the foundation structure, this gives the customer more room for manoeuvre. This is certainly the case where planning permission has already been granted, but a contractor has not yet been selected. Or if negotiations on the contract value are still under way, so the contracts have not yet been signed. In such cases, progress will not be delayed. Vroom Funderingstechnieken can set out the site straight away, including all foundation work as specified in the construction documents.

From site layout to inspection of piles

The layout of the site, excavation and the creation of temporary roads can all be left to Vroom, too. This also applies to the dimensioning and plotting of piles in the pile plan, site measurements and establishment of the building line and specific fixed point measurements. And further, to determining the solidity and standard of soil improvements, the nature of the ground below excavated foundations and the bearing capacity of the base of the building pit. This is done using a penetration probe in combination, if necessary, with manual drilling.

The foundation structure can be plotted from the pile toe to ground level and built accordingly.