Vroom Funderingstechnieken possesses various certificates that secure the policy Vroom Funderingstechnieken implements in terms of quality, working conditions, and the environment. These certificates are a compliment to the employees who are very conscious of the risks associated with their profession. With this, we comply with the duty of care in the areas of safety, health, welfare, and the environment.


The VCA certificate stands for Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) Checklist Contractors and is issued for contracting and carrying out foundation work and related activities. Vroom Funderingstechnieken is in possession of the VCA** (two stars) certificate.

The VCA-certificate can be downloaded here.

NEN-EN-ISO 9001-certificate

The NEN-EN-ISO 9001 certificate provides an account of the production process, internal procedures, and the approach to various foundation systems from start to finish.

The ISO-certificate can be downloaded here.

Safety Culture Ladder-certificate

The Safety Culture Ladder (“de Veiligheidsladder”) is a tool to measure safety awareness, attitude, and behavior in companies, emphasizing safety culture. The SCL is designed to encourage companies and their suppliers to work safely on purpose. The higher the safety awareness in an organization, the higher the awarded ladder step.

The SCL-certificate can be downloaded here.

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