In a nutshell - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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In a nutshell

Vroom Funderingstechnieken (Vroom Foundation Technology) is an all-rounder in terms of pile systems and pre-fab foundation structures. Thanks to our wide expertise and years of experience in the field of foundations, Vroom is often involved at an early stage in complex, specialist work on foundations. Start the video for an introduction.

Vroom Holding BV

The holding company is an umbrella covering the following four specialist companies:

  • Vroom Funderingstechnieken BV
  • Vroom International Piling BV
  • Vroom Betonbouw BV
  • Materieelbeheer Vroom BV

Vroom Funderingstechnieken BV

Vroom Funderingstechnieken BV is a specialist in offering, tendering and implementing a wide range of traditional and other pile systems that are formed in the ground: 

  • Vibrated HBF-type piles 
  • Vibrated combi piles 
  • Vibrated SD piles 
  • Concrete screw piles (CFA piles) 
  • Tubular screw piles 
  • Telescopic screw piles 
  • DPA and VGS displacing screw piles 
  • Screwed steel tubular piles 
  • Screw combi piles 
  • Grout-injection piles 
  • Casing piles 
  • Pre-fab concrete piles 
  • Steel tubular piles Pile systems that can be installed using mini pile drivers 
  • Sheet pile walls.

Vroom International Piling BV

Vroom International Piling BV is responsible for projects that involve work abroad.

Vroom Betonbouw BV

Vroom Betonbouw BV focuses specifically on projects involving pre-fabricated foundation structures, or where ‘traditional’ concrete work up to and including the ground floor level is an option: either individually or in addition to installation of foundation piles. Offering, tendering, dimensioning and setting pre-fab concrete elements for foundation structures includes: 

  • Foundation beams 
  • Lay-down areas/shed floors, lift pits, cellars, foundation blocks 
  • Ground floor surfaces 
  • Industrial flooring
  • 'Traditional’ concrete work including in-situ concrete joints

Materieelbeheer Vroom BV

Materieelbeheer Vroom BV provides services for the operating companies and organises procurement, leasing, freight and inspection of plant and equipment. Materiaalbeheer Vroom BV has a lot of know-how and experience in the field of designing, repairing and maintaining pile-driving machines and accessories. The most suitable equipment for each project can be selected from a large arsenal of possibilities.