Hitachi CX1100GLS - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Hitachi CX1100GLS

The Hitachi CX1100GLS is the largest pile driving rig that Vroom Funderingstechnieken (Vroom Foundation Technology) has. Specially developed for forming vibrated piles and vibrated combi piles with lengths of up to approx. 47 m. Also suitable for forming heavy-duty pre-fab concrete piles, screw piles, sheet piling etc.

The leader is linked to the rig by means of two guides at the top and a sliding bed on the bottom. The leader can be set to various different angles, both forward and backward. Of course, such settings depend on the dimensions and the weight of the pile and the installed equipment.

Specifications, Hitachi CX1100GLS

Weight class

In operation approx. 170 tons (ex. generator, ram and tube).

Suitability for working with piles at an angle

Can be smoothly hydraulically set to various angles, tilting forward or backward. Fully-extended positions depend on the dimensions and the weight of the pile and the plant and equipment with which the pile driving rigs form piles.

Leader length

Max. approx. 56 m.

Maximum pile length

  • Cast in-situ HBF-type vibrated piles, up to approx. 47 m.
  • Pre-fab concrete piles, up to approx. 37 m.