Ecodrie 6525S - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Ecodrie 6525S

The Ecodrie 6525S pile driving rig was specially developed for the formation of in-situ vibrated SD piles with a small diameter and lengths of up to approx. 27 m. It is possible to achieve a very high formation speed due to the automated process. The rig is also suitable for driving pre-fab concrete piles.

Folders were developed for projects that require a short set-up time and/or have limited available set-up space. These pile driving machines are transported in almost complete state, including the equipment for driving or drilling piles.

Folders are generally used for all usual types of pile system: from traditional pre-fab concrete piles to modern in-situ displacing or earth-removing pile systems.

Some machines are suitable for work ‘from the side'.

Specifications, Ecodrie 6525S

Weight class

In operation approx. 75 - 85 t.

Suitability for working with piles at an angle

Tilting backward suitable, tilting forward less suitable.

Leader length

Max. approx. 25 m.

Drilling power

Up to 15 tonm.

Maximum pile length

  • Vibrated cast in-situ piles, approx. 21 - 27 m.
  • Pre-fab concrete piles, approx. 22.5 - 24.5 m.