Hitachi CX550PD - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Hitachi CX550PD

The Hitachi CX550PD pile driving rigs were developed for the production of vibrated piles with lengths of up to approx. 25 m. Can also be used for pre-fab concrete piles.

This type of pile driving rig is constructed on the base of a standard crawler crane. The leader is attached at the top to the jib head, and connected at the bottom to the base of the machine by means of a sliding bed.

Specifications, Hitachi CX550PD

Weight class

In operation approx. 75 - 90 t.

Suitability for working with piles at an angle

Restricted tilting angles, both forward and backward.

Leader length

Max. 33.0 m.

Radius range

The radius range of the leader/pile in relation to the basic rig is greater than for pile-driving machines of the GLS type, but comes at the expense of capacity.

Maximum pile length

  • Cast in-situ piles, up to approx. 25 m.
  • Pre-fab concrete piles, approx. 22 m.