Woltman 90DR - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Woltman 90DR

The Vroom Funderingstechnieken Woltman 90DR pile driving machine has been developed for all sorts of cast in-situ piles. Also suitable for forming pre-fab concrete piles.

Folders were developed for projects that require a short set-up time and/or have limited available set-up space. This pile driving machine is transported in almost complete state, including the equipment for driving or drilling piles.

Specifications, Woltman 90DR

Weight class

In operation approx. 102 tons (ex. generator, ram and tube), transportation weight c. 90 t.

Suitability for working with piles at an angle

Can be hydraulically smoothly set to various angles, tilting forward or backward. Fully-extended positions depend on the dimensions and the weight of the pile and the plant and equipment with which the pile driving rigs form piles.

Leader length

Maximum approx. 36 m.

Maximum pile length

  • Cast in-situ piles, up to approx. 32 m. 
  • Pre-fab concrete piles, up to approx. 22 m.