IHC Fundex F2500 - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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IHC Fundex F2500

The IHC Fundex F2500 pile driving rig is suitable for installation of vibrated SD piles up to a maximum pile length of c. 20 metres. The rig can also be used for drilling methods of pile installation up to a maximum length of c. 23.5 metres.

The Fundex F2500 can be used for a range of drilling and  driving methods. One of the many benefits of the rig is the speed with which it can be assembled and dismantled, and the equipment can remain in place during transport. It also has an ergonomic cab that is equipped with a modern control unit and monitoring system.

Fundex F2500 specifications

Weight class

Average working weight c. 75t.

Leader inclination angle

Max. forward inclination 4:1*

Max. backward inclination 3:1*

*The data above are subject to change, as they depend on the pile system used, equipment and pile length.

Leader length

Max. 27 m.

  • Vibrated SD piles up to c. 20 m.
  • Cast in-situ piles up to c. 23.5 m.
  • Max. torque up to 27 Nm.