Junttan PMx25 - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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Junttan PMx25

Junttan pile driving rigs are mobile and can be prepared for use very quickly. The machines have the same renowned features: safe and reliable, even in the most demanding working conditions. The machine is designed for installing pre-cast concrete piles up to lengths of 25 metres.

The advantages of this machine are the quick set-up and transportation time, high output, a clean engine that complies with the highest applicable emissions requirements and the most modern technology in terms of safety features. The Junttan stands out because the machine is a 'total package’, made up of a hydraulic hammer, control systems, and monitoring and reporting. So the machine has high productivity. It comes complete with all optional extras: hammer pull-down, a third winch, cameras and a new series of low-noise caps. The machine is equipped with a 5t hammer ram that can be modified to 7t.