Today we're safety conscious! - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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March 16, 2018

Today we're safety conscious!

Safety is something Vroom Foundation Technology works on every day of the year but today, Bewust Veilig-dag (Safety Consciousness day), we are highlighting behaviour and awareness. We believe it is important that people have a safe place to work and that they can hold others to account on issues of safety where necessary.

The board, operations managers and project managers will be looking to hand out these lovely red 'bewust veilig’ (safety conscious) buns and to discuss this issue. We often hear that people are afraid to warn people about potentially dangerous behaviour, or think it's not worth it. We want to take away that feeling; after all, who doesn't want to return home unscathed after a day's work?

Top priority
It is an important and positive signal that so many companies are participating in the Bewust Veilig initiative on the third Friday in March. Safe working practices in large-scale projects apply to all involved: clients and construction workers. Preventative measures and top-notch communication on safety hazards are areas in which we can make great steps forward. Many of the projects we work on are subject to tight deadlines, but that should never be an excuse to compromise on safe working practices. Safety is a top priority, and the Safety Consciousness day is a good opportunity to reflect on that fact.