Vroom on Betondag 2011 - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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November 17, 2011

Vroom on Betondag 2011

On the crowded Betondag 2011, Vroom showed some of the recent infra projects at her stand. For these projects, low-sound and low-vibration techniques are deployed more and more often.

On Betondag 2011, Vroom Foundation Technology showed recent infra projects for which various types of pile foundations have been realized. For sound walls, low-sound and low-vibration foundation techniques are deployed more and more often.

Whenever it is about ‘decisiveness in capacity’, at Vroom Foundation Technology you are at the right address.

During the 50 years of our existence, we have developed ourselves as an all-rounder in the field of pile systems and prefab foundation constructions. From a broad expertise in these fields, Vroom presents itself as the foundation expert. Vroom is often involved in complex and specialist founding activities in an early stage.

Vroom Foundation Technology realizes traditional and modern pile systems. More and more often, we deploy low-vibration and low-sound production techniques for infra projects, in particular for the foundation of sound walls. The new sound walls along the A12 have been founded on CFA piles. We are able to produce safely, fast and without noise pollution. Our professional skills, improvisational talents and tight schedules are very practical on these difficult-to-access and narrow building locations along the freeway.

For sound walls along the A74, CFA piles, tubular drilled piles as well as prefab concrete piles have been produced.

Near Raamsdonkveer, we have equipped every CFA pile with an H profile that has precisely been adjusted to the requested X and Y coordinates. Along the A7, the first prefab concrete piles have been driven and subsequently, prefab base plates and plinths for the wall have been delivered and installed.

Tubular drilled piles for sound walls and artwork may be equipped with heavy reinforcement baskets along the entire length. Usually, these are inserted with a vibrating hammer.

In Diemen, three combo walls in a row have been realized keeping the electricity network’s main pipes safely in place. For the driving process of the steel tubular piles (27-34 m long and a 559/610 mm diameter), heavy materials and a special template have been deployed. Between the tubes, sheet pile boards have been vibrated into the ground.