Mentally and physically fit workers - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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March 07, 2019

Mentally and physically fit workers

Employees that are fit, healthy and energetic are our strength! That's why we choose to invest in them. During our training days at the start of the year we made the first step: we are going to actively support our employees in terms of lifestyle and achieving their personal goals. We are going to do this with the (R)evolution programme offered by Zeger Personal Training.
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During various clinics we deal with important subjects, such as swapping bad habits for good ones, reducing financial stress or, another example, sleep problems. We tackle subjects that have the ability to make life easier. As a team we want to ensure that all senses are sharpened: only then can you assimilate the best information. Then we set challenging goals that we train to achieve as a team. For instance, participating in a running event.

Lots of fun

In addition to these points we will, above all, be looking to have a lot of fun with each other because positive energy works better than anything else! To help them, participants are given access to an on-line app in which they can receive their monthly training schedules, workouts relating to back complaints, tasty and healthy recipes, and motivational videos.