A dream that came true - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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August 27, 2019

A dream that came true

Our pile-driving rig, the Junttan PMx25, is currently installing pre-cast piles in Vianen on a project led by BAM Wonen. Under normal circumstances, this rig would be controlled by our rig operator, Albert. But last Friday Berna, a female rig operator, was able to take over from him briefly!
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There will come a day for all of us that we pass away, but for some people that day comes much too soon. Driving a pile with a black/red pile-driving rig was something Berna really wanted to do. We wanted to do our bit to help this special wish come true. Sanne van Zoeren (from our Marketing and Communications department) and the pile-driving team received Berna at the building site in Vianen. Then she was given the safety briefing and her personal protective equipment. After that, it was time to climb into the rig operator's chair. Under the watchful eye of our rig operator Albert, Berna drove the pile firmly into the ground. “The pile driving on this project is hard work, but Berna managed to get the pile into the ground,” said Albert.

Intense and special

As Sanne put it: “Berna knows a lot about our company, the pile-driving rigs and the various driving and drilling systems. It was an intense, special experience for her because she had been looking forward to this for some time. We are grateful that we could make Berna's wish come true. We would also like to thank Philadelphia Zorg, Utrecht, for their assistance.”