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June 13, 2012

VROOM outlines vision on the future

Low-sound, low-vibration and invisibly realizing capacity, that is sexy when it comes to decisiveness.

This is what Managing Director Peter Vroom said on the 50th anniversary of the family business Vroom Foundation Technology. He outlined his vision on the future in an interview that was published in the magazine for Nederlandse Vereniging Aannemers Funderingswerken (NVAF). If you want to read the complete interview, click here to download the pdf file.

Some interview excerpts

Lead by Peter, the second Vroom generation managed to turn a traditional piling company into an all-round foundation expert. “With a youthful zest, we have begun a new era full of challenges and chances. Our videos clearly show who we are and what we make.”

Think different

The anniversary year is marked by the ‘by and for our personnel’ philosophy. By thinking and acting differently, the family business built up an excellent reputation in the field of foundation technology. Peter Vroom: “Apple’s Think Different concept lead by Steve Jobs yielded innovation and new sales successes.”

Not as sexy as Apple

“The foundation branch is not as sexy as Apple, but still…possibly in the future, it will be very normal to transform decisiveness to capacity inaudibly, noiselessly and invisibly. Peter Vroom doesn’t rule out any techniques that might be developed so that foundation machines and foundation piles are no longer necessary. The foundation branch is already far on the right path. “First, they didn’t want to hear us anymore, then they didn’t want to feel us anymore and soon, they won’t want to see us anymore.” Low-sound and practically vibration-free foundation techniques have been part of the regular options for quite some time. Basically, everything made by Vroom Foundation Technology is already invisible and usually located under ground level.

Countless Vroom piles

In the past 50 years, countless Vroom piles have been inserted into our soil. They guarantee capacity underneath the most various building constructions. Lead by Peter Vroom, the second Vroom generation managed to turn a traditional piling company into an all-round foundation expert. “With a youthful zest, we have begun a new era full of challenges and chances.”


In a changing market, the five descendants of the founders see new changes. “And we take those chances,” Peter Vroom says, and he outlines that Vroom has been working for clients inside and outside The Netherlands for a longer period of time. Projects are contracted for and realized in Belgium, Poland and right now also in Morocco.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Vroom has built up a good reputation. Clients value delivery reliability, ingenuity, quality and guarantees. “They want to be sure that everything is delivered and completed within the set period. Our goal is to deliver the best price/quality ratio. That means you can’t always be the cheapest, it is as simple as that.”

Decisiveness in capacity

Vroom works with the slogan ‘Decisiveness in capacity” for several reasons. Realizing what you say you’re going to do, that is what it is about. “So it is no wonder that our 50th anniversary is completely aimed at our personnel. Thanks to the efforts of motivated people, we have reached this milestone.”

Thinking in concepts

“By thinking in concepts, we increase our chances to attracting other clients’ attention and to being asked to realize completely different projects.” Vroom Foundation Technology is already active in the infrastructure, telecommunication and energy branches, and recently started to carry out offshore activities.

Chances for the new generation

The second Vroom generation has started a new era of writing history. The foundation branch is very alive, and opens the future to young people. “Young people that want to work hard, are eager to learn in practice, like to do outdoor work and are, of course, never unwilling to get up early are offered an interesting option by our foundation branch in order to set up a career.”