Festive start school in Warmond - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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November 27, 2014

Festive start school in Warmond

Under festive circumstances for the new construction of Kloppend Heart Warmond, a symbolic first pile has been driven using the tripod rig. The ram was set in motion manually and so the first pile disappeared into the ground.
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All Warmond school children had rushed to the building site where, until recently, elementary schools Alleman and Oostergeest were situated. Municipal executive Kees van Velzen welcomed everybody and expressed the expectation that within a year or perhaps earlier, a beautiful new school building will be located here.

Driving the first pile

Representing every respective school, the oldest and youngest pupils were allowed to do this together with the principal and the municipal executive. Instructed by Vroom employees Bart and Dirk, the pace was determined in order to optimize the rope-pulling process. It was a tough job but it worked out!

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