Festive start for Het Duyndomein - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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February 29, 2020

Festive start for Het Duyndomein

The 'Het Duyndomein’ project in Schoorl was given a festive, authentic start this morning. The process of pulling on the ropes brought back memories of 'the good old days’; brute force alone got the hydraulic ram moving. Encouraged by all the buyers, the symbolic first pile was gradually driven into the ground.
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Vroom is hard at work preparing the project, and we have started improving the land ready for building.  On this project we are responsible for the dimensioning, the piling work for the pre-cast concrete driven piles and, on top of that, a framework of pre-cast foundation beams.

Het Duyndomein

When finished, Het Duyndomein will be made up of 72 detached, traditionally-built, south-facing luxury holiday homes on large plots of freehold land. The variation in type of dwelling and architecture gives the atmospheric look and allure that matches this environment, which has a long history of drawing in tourists. Het Duyndomein is situated between the resort of Schoorl and the artists’ village of Bergen.

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