Large-scale overhaul for the Hitachi KH300GLS - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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July 07, 2020

Large-scale overhaul for the Hitachi KH300GLS

One of our Hitachi KH300-3GLS has had a complete overhaul at Van den Heuvel Werkendam and is now ready for service. The gleaming Vroom red Hitachi KH300-3GLS is on site at its first project and is currently installing foundations in Den Hoorn (ZH) for the Harnaschpolder distribution centre.

For this project we are making around 2,200 vibro-piles in a range of diameters (ø273, ø300, ø356, ø406) and around 1,800 vibro-SD piles (diameter ø219). This new distribution centre will ultimately offer floor space of 16,000 m², with 105 parking spaces.

Low-emission power

During the major overhaul the machine was also fitted with a brand-new Volvo Penta TAD882VE (210kW) EU Stage V engine. This engine drives the piling rig: all winches, the drives, hydraulic functions etc.
Mounted on the back of the rig is a brand-new Vigor V-250HPU power pack, also with an EU Stage V engine. This is a Caterpillar, type C7.1 (205kW). The power pack governs the IHC S-90T hydraulic piling ram drive, with which the rig is able to install vibro-piles in excess of 40 metres in length. The newly-fitted Vigor V-250HPU power pack is the second in our fleet, and a further one has already been purchased by Vroom Foundation Technology. With another four on order, in addition to the current engine overhaul of a number of other piling rigs to meet EU Stage V standards in our plant and equipment, we are clearly making progress in terms of substantially reducing NOx emissions.

Investment and innovation

Vroom Foundation Technology has already invested heavily in new machinery with cleaner engines in the past few years, with the result that our fleet is already largely compliant with EU Stage IV engine requirements. In addition to a number of JCB and Ljungby loaders, plus Woltman piling rigs, over the past three years we have also acquired three Fundex F2500 piling rigs with EU Stage IV engines.