What do our customers think? - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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July 14, 2020

What do our customers think?

Over the past 12 months we have been measuring levels of satisfaction in our clients. We sent a questionnaire every week to all customers for whom we had completed work. The question, ‘Are you satisfied with the performance of our company?’ was answered positively in no less than 84% of cases, 15% gave a neutral answer and 1% said they were not satisfied.

The questionnaire also asked for extra information on the answer given, and whether the respondent could indicate where improvements could be made. We analysed all the answers, discussed them in-house and used them to help optimise our services. We would like to share a number of quotes with you.


Ruud Emonds, Cornelissen Aannemingsbedrijf: ‘Everything went fine and according to the planning schedule'.

Arjan Louwerse, H4a Windenergie: ‘A committed team. The only point for improvement I can think of at the moment is that they could perhaps put a box of biscuits in the site hut once a week ;-)'.

Cor Abbring, ERA Contour B.V.: ‘We expect better communication, for instance in terms of the delivery of the scaffolding, so that we can get everything done that we need to do on our part to make it happen'.

Lennard van Vliet, Vink Bouw: ‘Easy enough to make the agreements, but they keep their word, too. Otherwise there was a relaxed, casual atmosphere where communication was concerned'.

William Rood, Heddes: ‘Good partnership between Vroom and Heddes, particularly in combination with pre-cast foundation beams from Appel Beton'.

Mustafa Yurttas, MY Wonen: ‘As a point for improvement, I'd say the planning in relation to the start date'.

Sebastiaan Van der Knijff, Boxxed BV: ‘Good communication, a great team. Pleased with the result'.

A. Dekker, Wit Wognum: ‘No problem with quality standards, completed on-schedule'.

William Rood, Heddes: ‘As something that could be improved, I would've appreciated their expertise at an earlier stage'.

Verweij/van Diessen: ‘Good communication. They keep their word on agreements. Their staff are very friendly and listen, think, and left the site tidy once they'd completed their high-precision work.’

Jan-Pieter, De Vries en Verburg: ‘Good advice and a willingness to consider all options during the project'.