InfraTech 2015 - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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January 16, 2015

InfraTech 2015

Our enthusiastic Vroom Exhibition Team will be present again at the Infra Tech in Ahoy’ in Rotterdam. From a beautiful spot on NVAF Funderingsplein, we will establish new connections and meet with existing clients.
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The infra sector has a whole lot of power: literally in the sense of materials, but also in terms of manpower and knowledge. In 2015, at the InfraTech, the focus will lie on thinking creatively and combining knowledge with that in order to have the infra sector move forward full-speed. The InfraTech will be organized for the eleventh time. It is a biennial meeting point for companies in the infra sector: infrastructure, water, public space and mobility & sewer systems will be the four themes. Other than various stands, a knowledge program has been created allowing participants to exchange knowledge. The exhibition will be held from January 20 until January 23.

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