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March 10, 2015

Apartments NOORD4US

In the Amsterdam neighbourhood Buiksloterham, a parcel lot is being developed. Each parcel has its own client and constructor. Vroom has founded the first parcels for De Geus, and in week 18, we will also realize parcels for Vink Bouw. For all parcels, vibro piles as well as VGS piles with grout will be applied.
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NOORD4US is situated on parcel 21D in the Buiksloterham area. Divided into 6 CPO projects, the parcel is located on Ridderspoorweg and Papaverweg. Living and saving socially and durably. That is what at NOORD4US, you do with each other. A unique sharing economy concept in Amsterdam Noord along the IJ river.

Designing your own dreamhome

At NOORD4US, you design your own dreamhome. Three-meter ceilings, a lot of daylight and large balconies are facts. For the rest, the entire lay-out is flexible. As the so-called ‘towed floor’ and the walls do not bear any capacity, you can decide for yourself where the kitchen will be, how large the bathroom will be and how many rooms the apartment will have. In order to give you a few suggestions we have developed different types of apartments, but inside and in between of those, everything is possible.

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