Continuation block 66 and 67 in IJburg - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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March 17, 2015

Continuation block 66 and 67 in IJburg

On a regular basis, our foundation rigs can be found in Amsterdam IJburg. Currently we are inserting DPA piles in two stages for the construction of 15 homes under the authority of Huizen-based Slokker Bouwgroep. The 15 homes are a sequel to 14 homes built late 2014 for which vibro and DPA piles have been applied.
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A total of more than 200 low-sound two-diameter DPA piles will be applied. Underneath the homes the piles will measure Ø360 mm and underneath the sheds and the carports, they will be Ø310 mm. The project will be executed with a Hillcon HSCX700GLS foundation rig that can realize cast-in-situ piles until 39m.

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