Founding 8 homes in one morning - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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March 31, 2015

Founding 8 homes in one morning

In Amsterdam, eight homes have been founded in one morning. The homes’ foundations consist of prefab foundation beams and sheds that have been realized as prefab shed floors. 25 foundation beams and 4 shed floors have been placed under the authority of Appel Beton. The 8 homes are a part of the sold-out ‘Het Leukste Punt’ new housing plan consisting of 48 homes.
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‘Het Leukste Punt’ forms the centre of the current neighbourhood ‘De Punt’ in Amsterdam Nieuw West. It is a neighbourhood that becomes more fun day by day. Here old apartments make room for new family homes and small-scale apartment buildings. Relaxed with a cosy city atmosphere. The housing market for ‘Het Leukste Punt’ is very mixed. There’s something for everyone.

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