Frau Antje at 12,5 m under NAP - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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April 09, 2013

Frau Antje at 12,5 m under NAP

Frau Antje came to World Heritage Site de Beemster by electric car to try cheese from the new Cono cheese factory, and along with mayor Harry Brinkman and municipal executive, she wanted to experience what it would be like to stand at around 12,5 m under NAP.

On the picture from left to right: Beemster mayor Harry Brinkman, a polluted soil expert representing Visser & Smit Bouw, Frau Antje (holding hat) and municipal executive, Environment department, Han Hefting at around 12,5 m under NAP. While doing a little dance on her clogs, Frau Antje is ‘testing’ the basement floor’s capacity.

On the second photo, you see two excavated vibro piles, standing proud and perfect, still reaching ground level. These piles are located outside the basement and will soon support the main construction. The basement floor is supported by vibro combo piles.

On the third photo, you see a few vibro combo piles that have been dug out.

On the fourth photo: the invitees are shown around, and are impressed. Wearing a helmet and glasses and safety boots, as it is supposed to be, also when VIP’s are shown around.

Booklet presentation and guided tour

Frau Antje, cheese girl for the Zuivelbureau, had taken her electric car to come to the Cono cheese factory that was being built. In the first place, she came for the presentation of the first part of a booklet about the ‘greenest cheese factory’. Two more booklets are about to be released. In the second place, she came to descend to the lowest point inside the new cheese factory during a guided tour. The basement floor is located around 8,5 m underneath the Beemsterpolderweide which is around 12,5 m under NAP.

World’s greenest cheese factory

“As we have been saving our Beemsterpolder for more than 100 years, we want to build world’s greenest cheese factory,” both Cono Managing Directors Eric Hulst and Wim Betten wrote in the preface of the first booklet about the new cheese factory. The new cheese factory, that will start the production processes in 2014, aims at a 100% zero-energy performance. In order to share knowledge, Cono will publish three booklets entitled ‘The new era’. Part 1 is entitled ‘On the way to world’s greenest cheese factory’.

Green building

Vroom has been one of the partners in the green building process. The new cheese factory has been founded on around 1300 vibro piles and vibro combo piles, produced by Vroom under the authority of Visser & Smit Bouw, contractor. For the new cheese factory, Vroom produces around 1300 cast-in-situ vibro piles and vibro combo piles. Click here for more information about the foundation activities.