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April 16, 2013

A nice vibro combo picture

This photo is a big compliment for the Vroom team that has meticulously driven the vibro combo piles in-depth for the underground storage of Beemster cheese. Now that the pit has been excavated, the pile heads that have not yet been been cut stick out at height and perfectly ranked above ground level.

The construction activities for the new cheese factory are in full swing. For the new Cono cheese factory, Vroom Foundation Technology produced around 1300 cast-in-situ and displacing vibro piles and vibro combo piles driven in-depth.

The pile heads have now been cut. The construction of the basement floor and walls for the partly-underground cheese depot with a floor surface measuring 1650 m2 is in full swing. From 2014, Beemster cheese will be stored here after the final stage of cheese-making in the new Cono cheese factory.

11- 12,50 m under NAP

The heads of the vibro combo piles are at around 6 – 8,50 m under working level/ground level which is similar to around 11 – 12,5 m under NAP. The pile points are at around 24 – 32 m under NAP.

The greenest cheese factory

Worlds greenest cheese factory will be located on World Heritage Site de Beemster. From the second half of 2014, Cono aims to produce its famous Beemster cheese in the factory or using an energy-neutral method. In the background, the whey powder factory, also designed by Bastiaan Jongerius Architecten from Amsterdam, can be seen.

Facts & numbers

New construction project Cono cheese factory

Location: Rijperweg 20, Westbeemster .

Designer: Bastiaan Jongerius Architecten, Amsterdam.

Contractor: Visser en Smit Bouw BV, Groningen.

Constructor: Feenstra Adviseurs, Duiven.

Investment: around 80 mln.

Construction period

Start construction period: December 2012.

Completion: first quarter of 2014.

Cheese factory in service: second half of 2014.

Foundation activities

Foundation piles: Vroom Foundation Technology Inc.

Execution period: December 2012 - March 2013.

Pile systems: cast-in-situ vibro piles and vibro combo piles.

Vibro piles

Number of piles: 960.

Length: 15 – 17 m.

Casing / base plate diameter 273 / 330, 356 / 435 mm.

Vibro combo piles

Number of piles: 309.

Casing / base plate diameter 457 / 520, 406 / 465 mm.

Prefab concrete element length: 13,50 – 19,20 m.

Prefab square concrete element diameter: 250 and 290 mm.

The pile heads are placed at around 7 – 8,50 m under working level/ground level.

Execution Gebr. Van ’t Hek

Rental period: 12 weeks.

Sheet pile wall board: type AZ-18, length 14,5 m.

Basement length: 230 m.

Pipe tunnel: 111 m.

Tank farm: 173 m.

Insertion method: vibrating in and out.