Supermarket in center of Warmenhuizen - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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April 21, 2015

Supermarket in center of Warmenhuizen

Under the authority of contractor K. Dekker BV, we will soon start to realize DPA piles in the core of Warmenhuizen. These piles will be the foundation for a new supermarket that will be part of a big renovation plan for the centre. From late May, we can be seen on the building location.

Currently the soil is being made ready for the construction of the supermarket’s new branch office. Above the store, apartments will be built. The accompanying parking site will also be fully renovated so that it results into a well-organized whole including a connection for pedestrians and cyclists to the adjacent Dorpsstraat. On the supermarket’s current location, additional parking lots will be realized on the new store’s front side. The part on Dorpsstraat will house other shops in the future.

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