Vibro combo for De Rotterdam - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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February 27, 2011

Vibro combo for De Rotterdam

The largest building of The Netherlands, De Rotterdam, is built along the bank of the Maas River in Rotterdam, and the construction process will take four years. For this ‘vertical city’, Vroom Foundation Technology has produced vibro combo piles. The project consists of three towers measuring 150 m.

The building will house offices, homes, a hotel, shops, cafés and restaurants. Measuring 160.000 square meters in total, this is the largest building of The Netherlands. The project “The Rotterdam” is designed by architect Rem Koolhaas.

Rem Koolhaas’s vertical city refers to the diversity of features and services housed by De Rotterdam. The features allow residents/users to have a pleasant stay 24 hours a day. On ground level, services such as a hotel, shops, cafés and restaurants are offered. The homes and offices are connected to these services through a large central lobby.

Name with history

The name of the building refers to the maritime history of its location. From the Wilhelmina Pier, ten thousands of Europeans took the Holland America Line (HAL) to emigrate to America. Until today, HAL’s flagship is named De Rotterdam.

Rem Koolhaas already designed the building between 1998 and 2001, and calls it a miracle that it is finally built. He had been wondering if the design made at his office called OMA was still modern and fresh enough in order to be part of today’s architecture. But it still suffices in all aspects.

Ironically enough, the construction of this largest new housing project of The Netherlands was made possible by the financial crisis. Before that, contractors did not want or dare to start complicated projects like this one.

The construction process is cheaper because materials such as steel cost less. The construction sum is an estimated 340 million euros. For the cooling and heating systems, the building will use water from the Maas River. The most recent energy-saving techniques will be used. Also, limiting the emission of CO2 has been taken into consideration.

Rem Koolhaas

Born in Rotterdam, architect Rem Koolhaas is without a doubt the most influential and internationally well-known modern architect in The Netherlands. The head office of his architect office Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) is located in Rotterdam, but receives requests from all-over the world. Designing the Kunsthal Rotterdam in 1992 made Rem Koolhaas famous worldwide. Internationally, Koolhaas has been receiving more and more extensive assignments since the nineties.

As a result of progressive developments in the field of combining concepts, design and techniques with other disciplines, the maximum is gotten out of each project.

A few known buildings that have been realized include the Grand Palais in Lille (1994), residence in Bordeaux (1998), Prada store in New York 92001), the Guggenheim Museum in Las Vegas (2001), the Dutch Embassy in Berlin (2002), Leeum Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul (2004) and the head office for the Chinese television in Beijing (2008).