Thanks to RTVNH - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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July 11, 2013

Thanks to RTVNH

Vroom will be prominently put in the spotlight by RTVNH while driving a test pile on July 10 in order to check if the Sand Martin would be bothered by the activities for the N242 near Heerhugowaard. That wasn’t the case so the piling activities could take place.

RTVNH announced the good news for the construction workers as well as the protected Sand Martins regarding the constructional activities on the N242 near Heerhugowaard.

The little birds will hardly be bothered by the vibrations that the piling activities might cause. Earlier, the fear grew that the activities might be delayed because piling would not be allowed. Piling causes vibrations that might affect the protected Sand Martins. These birds had decided to build a nest in the sand on the working site.

First, a test pile was driven to check if that really affected the little birth. They seemed to hardly notice the piling activities so these activities were continued.

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