Vroom goes on - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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July 30, 2013

Vroom goes on

As the rest of The Netherlands is enjoying the construction industry holiday, Vroom Foundation Technology is getting started with the production of around 150 cast-in-situ low-vibration drilled VGS foundation piles.

Under the authority of the city of Gouda and HUBER Car Park Systems, Papendrecht-based company VORM Bouw is constructing the Spoorzone parking garage in Gouda. The VGS drilled piles have considerable lengths until 19 m and a diameter until 456 mm. The parking garage is built in order to replace the current parking places, and will result into new services inside the Spoorzone: office buildings, a movie theatre and possibly a hotel will be built.

The new parking garage, designed by JHK architecten, is part of subplan C1, and will have 319 parking lots. Completion is scheduled for 2014.