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May 21, 2015

Vibro SD piles record

For the huge expansion of the mail sorting centre in Brussels, Vroom will apply a record number of more than 16,000 vibro SD piles. Founding the 10,000 m² floor area will begin mid-July, 2015.
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The piles underneath the floor area will be executed as a so-called nail bed. For this purpose, Vroom is involved in the designing process. The design results into an ideal situation being created between the piles and the floor realizing into savings on floor thickness and floor reinforcement.

The design

The project includes a sorting building, mezzanine, office building and a rooftop parking lot. The long-stretched mail sorting centre will have a fresh personality as a result of the office building with an outspoken architectural style. To the left of the building, a spiral-formed ramp with the same architectural elements as the office will give access to the rooftop parking lot. The spiral building and the office will surround everything giving it its own identity.

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