Working in polluted soil - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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August 07, 2013

Working in polluted soil

When it comes to foundation activities in polluted soil, Vroom Foundation Technology also knows what additional security and behavioral requirements must be met during the project execution process.

Click here for more project information about the Wicherskwartier project and information about working in polluted soil.

The Wicherskwartier project in Amsterdam and the soon-to-be-started nearby Staatsman project are two situations that require working in polluted soil and where sharpened rules apply for the foundation activities.

Complex matter

In practice, carrying out foundation activities in polluted soil and polluted soil water turns out to be a complex matter. Vroom Foundation Technology is very familiar with the additional requirements that apply. Vroom quality coordinator Marcel Kouwenhoven plays an important role that already begins during the tender stage. Not only does he answer all questions of staff members, he also has a guarding job in order to make sure that the Vroom staff members’ safety and health are not at stake during this kind of complex projects. Marcel Kouwenhoven was also closely involved in the development of the NVAF leaflet “Funderingswerk in verontreinigd(e) grond(water)”.