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October 04, 2013

Our way of dimensioning is dimensionally stable

A correct dimensioning process is crucial in order to prevent failure costs and stagnation. In the new leaflet entitled Dimensioning, Vroom Foundation Technology draws the attention to its own flexibly employable Dimensioning Department that takes care of exact dimensioning processes of pile foundations and concrete work.

Vroom Foundation Technology’s Dimensioning Service knows all about dimensioning of all thinkable foundation activities. And it is a nice coincidence that all failure costs and stagnation will be reduced. Click here to download our Dimensioning leaflet.

Correct dimensioning prevents unnecessary discussions before and afterwards. For example about pickets to be used, setting up pile plans, executing piling activities or a last update to a drawing. Moreover, from the very beginning, the executing construction company will know what Vroom is responsible for. If you wish, Vroom can already give advice about dimensioning during the tender stage. This improves the project’s progress.

Vroom Dimensioning Service has initially proven its power in dimensioning projects where Vroom Foundation Technology brings in the foundation piles and also delivers and sets up additional (prefab) foundation constructions. Vroom Dimensioning Service has three options:

1. dimensioning combined with piling activities;

2. dimensioning combined with a prefab foundation;

3. dimensioning combined with both piling activities and prefab foundation.

These various dimensioning options offered by Vroom Foundation Technology will be explained further in our most recent leaflet which can be downloaded from our website. Click here for more detailed information or go to the direct Vroom Dimensioning leaflet download link.