First, also final pile - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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October 14, 2013

First, also final pile

Early October, the first and also final pile for BN International that does good business with their ‘We cover the world’ project, was driven. The Huizerkrant paid detailed attention to this event.

A giant billboard on the Ambachtsweg in Huizen is showing what BN International’s new buildings will look like. BN will have a new storage accommodation and production line, and that obviously makes the Huizen-based company, specialized in wall coverings and cover materials, feel very satisfied.

Driving the first, also final pile for the new hall was somewhat of a party-like show. Ground for the new hall was obtained as a result of an exchange with the city of Huizen. As a result of this exchange, the city can now re-develop the Havenstraat.

On the picture, Vroom project supervisor Jaap Bol is assisting municipal executive Petra van Harskamp who has driven the first, also final pile for the extension.