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July 23, 2015

Start building process mega hospital in Liège

In the upcoming weeks and with five foundation rigs, Vroom International Piling will be realizing the capacity for the new Centre Hospitalier Chrétien (CHC). Under the authority of a building company group consisting of CIT Blaton, BAM Galère, BPC Liège and Moury, we are realizing more than 2,300 displacing vibro piles on this dock.
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The new hospital in the borough of Glain near Liège will measure around 95,000 m². The new housing project will include two 200 m wings with six floors each. The hospital will be completed in 2018.

Vibro piles

For the production process of the vibro piles, a steel casing with an adjustable pneumatic block or hydraulic ram is being inserted. As soon as the casing is on the correct depth level, reinforcement and concrete is being applied. Subsequently, the casing is being pulled with jolts. The ram is being led by the leader. The casing is being pulled by the rig’s winch combined with piling activities. The concrete is being inserted with concrete buckets. They are being filled with a stationary mixer and transported to the foundation rig with the shovel. The reinforcement is also transported to the foundation rig with the shovel. The shovel is also used for various other purposes such as placing partitions and delivering other materials, machinery or helping tools. Currently, we are also realizing vibro piles on the dock in Berloz that serve as foundation piles for 7 windmills.

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