Dimensioning with a setting robot - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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February 25, 2011

Dimensioning with a setting robot

With the new dimensioning and setting robot Trimble, Vroom Foundation Technology can carry out dimensioning activities fast, simply and precisely in order to set out pile plans or prefab foundations. For projects in Middenbeemster, Vroom Betonbouw deployed the Trimble SPS610 Robotic Total Station.

The Trimble SPS robotic station is a setting robot that allows one person to carry out setting and dimensioning activities. The device communicates with the building plan that has been read by the LM80, a PDA type that stores and updates the necessary digital drawings. With the help of the LM80, building plans can easily be converted to a digital copy. Thanks to the LM80’s lay-out manager option, the most recent building plan is always available including the most recent dimensioning results. The Trimble SPS710 and SPS610 Robotic Total Stations allow Vroom Betonbow to carry out the setting activities more efficiently. With respect to the conventional mechanic systems, the Robotic offers advantages in terms of time, accuracy and flexibility. The LM80 can be connected to all types of Trimble total stations and robotics. On a graphic display, the LM80 guides the user through the building plan, it navigates to important axes and saves all points that have been set out. The user can also consult the LM80 in order to check the activities that have been carried out. The Trimble LM80 can easily be connected through its communication port. The user not only has a ready-to-use building plan in the pocket, also getting information from the plan or editing this information is possible. In addition, distances can be calculated, diagonals can be set out and the necessary materials can be calculated. The Trimble SPS610 was delivered to Vroom Foundation Technology by Visser Instrumenet BV in Assen.