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October 29, 2015

No bridge too far

As the traffic is imperturbably rushing over the old bridge, we are applying the foundation for the new Lingebrug in Tiel. On a relatively small site, we are realizing these DPA piles in a slant position of 4:1.
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After we created the DPA piles, Firma Schot placed the reinforcement baskets in the concrete using an enormous crane. Subsequently, the sand layer has been dug out and the pile heads have been freed of concrete. Afterwards, they can be cut. In the picture, the slant positions, forwards and backwards, are clearly visible. When the new bridge is ready, the road will be adjusted. As a result, traffic will only experience minor inconvenience. Bouwbedrijf Van der Gracht has granted us this assignment and the Lingebrug is the first bridge out of three to-be-built; the construction of two other bridges in Geldermalsen and Rumpted have been scheduled for the short term.

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