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May 08, 2014

Collaboration with Roosdom Tijhuis

Vroom has started an intensive collaboration with Twente-based Roosdom Tijhuis. The collaboration has started to be able to offer clients a social and economic responsible solution. Vroom takes care of the re-engineering process of the projects, and investigates if the offered pile system is really the most economic option. Subsequently, Vroom conducts the piling activities.

In the meantime, the first project has started in Tilburg. Moreover, activities in Coevorden, Kampen and Hengelo have been scheduled. Roosdom Tijhuis, a developing construction company operation nationwide realizing housing projects, has offices in Rijssen, Almelo and Capelle aan den IJssel. They design, construct, make major repairs, perform project-based renovations and work on the most various commercial and industrial projects. From complete area development and realization projects including infrastructure until the construction of just a few homes, a shopping passage, a school or an office or business building.

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