Student home total package - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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December 03, 2015

Student home total package

For the construction of 140 student homes in the Amsterdam Hamerstraat, we have started to drill 138 VGS grout injection piles. Also, the foundation and the elevator well will be realized by us; for this purpose, we will apply our prefab foundation system. Completion has been scheduled for April of 2016.

The foundation piles will be drilled with a low sound and vibration level. It involves an infill-location with the piles making sure that the adjacent buildings will not be affected by the application process of the piles.

Prefab construction

Other than the foundation, also the units that will be placed on top of the foundation will be prefabricated in the factory in Zeewolde. The foundation elements and units will be delivered completely done and will be set and fixed on-site.

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