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January 13, 2016

Vroom as a partner for Jongen PlusWonen

After a long evaluation process, Vroom Foundation Technology has been selected as the solid chain partner for the PlusWonen concept initiated by Bouwbedrijven Jongen. On an annual basis, approximately 700 homes are being realized according to this concept.
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Source: www.bouwbedrijvenjongen.nl

In the Urmond-based Van der Valk hotel, the kick-off for the concretization process took place. The partners have been informed as for what to expect in the upcoming months and the collaboration has been celebrated.


PlusWonen stands for constructing with endless possibilities. This has everything to do with the concept’s great flexibility and ongoing development. PlusWonen meets the growing need for even more flexibility and options for houses as well as apartments.

Also for tight budgets, PlusWonen offers an affordable to-size solution. They basically say: durable homes are available and durability doesn’t have to be expensive.

PlusWonen has been conceptualized by VolkerWessels so that several contractors can function as operating companies for VolkerWessels and offer the homes according to the PlusWonen concept including the to-size service that belongs to a small organization. At the same time, they offer the expertise that belongs to a large company combined with their colleagues’ experience.

By default, homes according to the PlusWonen concept have a 10% higher performance rate than the statutory EPC norm. But 0 is also possible within the PlusWonen concept. Therefore, also from this perspective, Plus Wonen is a small construction concept. For Bouwbedrijven Jongen, durability obviously goes beyond the EPC norm.

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