40-44 Vinkenstraat - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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May 23, 2016

40-44 Vinkenstraat

Under the authority of Pronk Bouw, we will start the construction of 42 apartments in the center of Zaandam. In order to realize capacity, we will apply 145 VGS piles. These piles come with a low vibration level so that the neighborhood won’t experience any inconvenience.

For the architects, Vinkenstraat is a special place in Zaandam. They founded Fietsenpakhuis on 46 Vinkenstraat, and architect Johan Krol lived on 40 Vinkenstraat in the past. On the parcel in between, a big typical reformed church was situated, but this church has been demolished a few years ago. On this spot that’s still empty, we will start the construction of a residential building that will house 42 apartments.

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