Partner in NewBouw housing concept - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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June 19, 2014

Partner in NewBouw housing concept

Housing projects can be carried out differently from now on as P. Meijer has launched the NewBouw housing concept. Vroom has joined as a partner in order to realize, deliver and apply the complete foundation.
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Constructing like this gives P. Meijer a lot of options as clients can design their own home themselves on the website. This option rarely results into additional expenses making this concept to be a particular one.

The first project in progress

In the calm and attractive Beverwijk neighbourhood Oosterwijk, Merwedestraat is situated. In this street, opened up well between Broekpolder and Beverwijk (on the spot where previously a Citroen garage was located), the site where soon 12 modern family homes will be built is situated.

A lot of influence

The homes are being built by NewBouw under the authority of housing corporation WOONopMAAT. We are doing this according to the so-called Collectief Particulier Zeggenschap (CPZ) which means that you will have a lot of influence on the final results.

Vroom’s activities

During the designing process we will think along about optimizing the realization process of the foundation. Vroom will take care of the dimensioning process, drill the CFA piles and deliver and mount the prefab foundation and the shed floors. Also, the ground-level floor will be mounted.

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