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June 03, 2016

Vroom Academy: visible craftsmanship

“Employees with the correct competences make the difference, now and in the future. Vroom Academy educates aspirant pile driver operators in order to become qualified foundation employees and also retrains experienced employees,” says Jerry Mast, HR Manager at Vroom. “It is about time to show a short impression of our current talent management program that we offer in collaboration with Trainingscentrum Crescendo.”
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Jerry outlines: “Keeping knowledge up-to-date is one of the areas Vroom Foundation Technology focuses on in order to continue on guaranteeing our clients a safe working environment and quality and to increase job satisfaction. Moreover, it results into more flexibility as our employees can be deployed for multiple foundation methods. During all training sessions, we give the necessary attention to communication and behavior on the construction site so that all employees become ambassadors of Vroom Foundation Technology that can distinguish themselves in a positive way. The students and our employees in the field of construction appreciate the clear and practical approach and the expertise the courses offer.”

Craftsmanship coach

Vroom is growing and the search for new talented employees is in full swing. To get our new employees involved in a good way, we want these people to come to good craftsmanship. To do this in a personal manner, in addition to theory courses, they get to work with a coach, somebody to whom they can turn to with all their questions, for feedback, but also to share ideas with. These coaches are experienced employees that have followed a Craftsmanship Coach course and, in turn, get supported by our senior coaches. Communication skills, coaching skills and knowledge are required and are developed in addition to critical awareness of the employees of their own acts. This is how we make sure that knowledge of the job is used to the maximum within the organization and this motivates people.

TCVT course for operators

At Vroom, we stick to the idea that every employee must be deployable in at least three disciplines, on the construction site as well as in the office. To make sure that we work with all-round employees, education is a must. Recently, seven experience pile driver operators have successfully completed the TCTV course that enables them to work with a foundation rig.

TCVT course for riggers

In addition, all foundation technology employees follow a course for riggers. This course discusses theory in-depth such as how to assist the driver when setting up the crane and how to start up and replace the load. Students learn tools to do this in a safe and efficient way

Course for foundation technology employees

During the course for foundation technology employees, two books get discussed: ‘Werken aan funderingen’ and ‘Funderingstechnieken’. This course offers insight and offers practical tools in order to get to work immediately. As a result, our teams are able to to work even safer and more successful with higher quality. In addition, the procedures for the execution that Vroom requires are part of the lessons. The course ends with a test and a certificate.

Intermediate foundation technology employees

A shortcut version of the foundation technology employee course that also addresses the execution procedures that Vroom requires, processing concrete, delivering to clients and how to be an ambassador for the employees. Also with guidelines for elevation processes and specific instructions are discussed. The course ends with a test and a certificate.

Working with wheel loader/shovel and working with midi digger

During our onsite training sessions, we focus on a number of aspects of these engines: the instructions, daily maintenance of the wheel loader/shovel, malfunctions, safe use and communication and behavior on the construction site. An important tool in order to increase the efficiency and the quality in addition to safety. Whenever tone knows how to work with an engine in a better and smarter way, this can limit malfunctions and increase the engine’s lifetime. During the training session for working with the midi digger, we also addres special operation processes that are important for the production process of a drilled pile.

Do you have questions about our intern education program? Send an e-mail to Jerry Mast.