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July 28, 2014

Sport’s complex De Nieuwe Meent

Vroom has received the request to found sport’s complex De Nieuwe Meent. The assignment consists of the application of 526 piles with a maximum height of 5 m and cutting the pile heads. The activities will start in week 40.

The design

Sport’s complex De Meent is now 40 years old and in dire need of an update and expansion in order to decrease the lack of indoor sport’s locations in Alkmaar. Earlier this year, the city council voted unanimously for the plans for De Meent so Alkmaar will soon be enriched with a modern, innovative and durable sport’s centre. The photo impression above shows what the renewed sport’s complex will look like in 2015. The old sport’s complex will have new dressing rooms, a (top-class) sport’s hall, various other halls and a prominent main entrance. At the new Meent, top-class sports and recreation will soon go hand in hand with durability and quality. There will be rooms for trampolining, gymnastics, fencing, table tennis and ice skating. Sport’s education will be widely available and there will be commercial space available for commercial tenants and parties that directly or indirectly support sports. Furthermore, the sport’s halls will be available for large-scale sport events.

The execution

Raamsdonksveer-based Bouwbedrijf Vaessen BV will construct the sport’s complex. The company won the contract after the European call for tenders in the past few months. Interesting detail is that 40 years ago, Bouwbedrijf Vaessen built the current De Meent.

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