Space for the Waal River project - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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September 25, 2013

Space for the Waal River project

Under the authority of her colleague company, Gebroeders Van ‘t Hek Funderingstechnieken, Vroom is producing approximately 300 vibro combo piles for the Promenade Bridge over the Waal River near Lent adjacent to Nijmegen. The project is part of the ‘Space for the river’ program.

On September 25, 2013 the first pile was driven, and the piling activities will be conducted until the end of 2013. The climate is changing which causes rivers to handle more water. In order to prevent floods, the State provides the rivers with more space on more than 30 locations. These measures, taken along the rivers IJssel, Lek, Maas and Waal, together form the Space for the River program.

Space for the Waal River

Space for the Waal River Nijmegen is one of those measures. The Waal River near Nijmegen makes a sharp bend and narrows here like a bottleneck. In 1993 and 1995, it became very visible that when the tide is high, the river may flood. In order to protect the residents, river management is necessary.

In the upcoming years, the face of Nijmegen will change fundamentally. Five large constructional projects on both banks of the Waal River will cause the river to no longer flow along, but through Nijmegen: Nijmegen embraces the Waal River. Click here fore more information about the area development project “Nijmegen embraces the Waal River.” Or go to the information center’s website.

Promenade Bridge

Between the Waal Bridge and the railway bridge, a bridge expanding from the wharf on the north bank of the additional canal to the island of Veur-Lent is built. This Promenade Bridge is intended for pedestrians and cyclists as well as car traffic. According to the architects’ Ney and Poulissen design, the axis of the bridge points in the direction of the Saint Steven’s Church. The middle part of the bridge is meant for car traffic and is built on a higher level. The side lanes on dike level are for cyclists and pedestrians. In a playful manner, the bridge refers to the perception of the water’s characteristics. The architect duo formed by Laurent Ney and Chris Poulissen is known in Nijmegen. They are the designers of the new city bridge ‘De Oversteek’ which is currently under construction. What makes this design interesting is that on the spot of the bridge’s abutment in the middle, the walking trails are connected through a gateway that allows a view over the additional channel from the underside of the bridge. In addition to the two land abutments, the bridge has four additional abutments. 

Facts & Numbers

Project number: 23169.

Client: Gebroeders van ’t Hek BV.

Contractor i-Lent: combination of Dura Vermeer – Ploegam.

Constructor: i-Lent.

Design: Laurent Ney and Chris Poulissen, architects.

Location: Lent-Nijmegen.

Foundation activities

Vibro combo piles

Number of piles: 282.

Case/base plate diameter: 610/700 mm.

Casing length: around 16.00-18.00 m.

Prefab elements have been provided with a rib profile.

Pre-drilling diameter: 800 mm.

Pre-drilling depth until approximately -2.00 m until -4.00 m NAP.

Vroom teams

Machinist: Ronald Pronk with Johan Buys and Alex Beers.

Machinist: Niels Veerman with Rik Binken and Ron Koorn.

Project leader: Fred Klaver.

Action photographs: Ronald Pronk and André Lintsen.