Powerhouse in the heart of Amsterdam - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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November 09, 2016

Powerhouse in the heart of Amsterdam

In addition to the current monumental 19 century school building, the ‘Metis Montessory Lyceum’ will be expanded with a new auditorium, dressing rooms, cycle shed and 3 floors for classrooms. It will happen on Mauritskade!
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Because the expansion project will be realized on a small site in between current buildings, we are dealing with a limited amount of space. The piles that have to be realized require a strong rig for which we will need almost the whole site in order to set this rig up.

Drilled piles

The buildings for the expansion will be founded on DPA piles. These piles will be realized on-site by inserting a hollow drill so that the ground will be displaced. Subsequently, the reinforcement baskets will be placed and the concrete will be poured. Then the tube will be removed resulting into a concrete foundation pile.

Design and execution process

The building will be constructed based on a design made by Atelier Pro from The Hague. The execution process will be carried out by Klaassen Groep from Arnhem.

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