Introduction Bouwterreincertificaat - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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October 31, 2016

Introduction Bouwterreincertificaat

The state of the building site has a direct impact on the stability of the machinery, but also on the working conditions for employees. Unfortunately, every year accidents happen as a result of machinery falling down.
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The Bouwterreincertificaat Nederland is ‘a declaration of usually the main contractor meaning that the building site, as described on the certificate, has been designed and applied in such a manner that working activities with machinery, as described on the certificate, can be carried out safely’. The Bouwterreincertificaat Nederland is an initiative taken by the Nederlandse Vereniging Aannemers Funderingswerken.

The importance of a strong building site

As the flyer about the Bouwterreincertificaat written by the Nederlandse Vereniging Aannemers Funderingswerken describes, a flat and strong building site is important for accessibility and walking comfort.