Start De Groene Linten Haarlem - Vroom Funderingstechnieken
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September 25, 2014

Start De Groene Linten Haarlem

The activities for the new construction of 21 ‘EC Garantwoningen’ in the Haarlem-based De Groene Linten have started. Under the authority of Appel Beton, we are taking care of the piling and mounting activities for the prefab foundation. As the ground layer is hard, the piles will first be grouted, then inserted.
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‘EC Garantwoning’ (Energiezuinig en Comfortabel, low-energy and comfortable) is a unique and affordable housing concept by VBK Groep. The homes are made of prefab elements and will be realized within an exceptional short construction period with a durable finishing touch. De Groene Linten is a new housing project initiated by Pré Wonen on the eastside of Parkwijk. Within 6 stages, 193 old-fashioned family homes will make room here for modern, spacious new homes. A total of 187 family homes (for sale, subsidized and private sector) and 30 apartments for seniors will be realized here. The first stage involves 21 homes.

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