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September 28, 2017

The numbers tell the tale

Every day we take quality to a higher level! We have recently hired Randolf Kruithof, expert in the field of foundation technology.
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“You can guarantee quality when the monitoring process is in order. I collect and organize data that have been disintegrated. Once you streamline and match these data the right way, you can learn a lot and improve the process. Complex puzzles are not wasted on me! In the pre-stage, I can also do something by already evaluating the risks,” Randolf says. “I like to take the standards as a starting point by seeing if a project meets those standards.”

In order On a daily basis, we send piling statistics from the foundation rigs’ computers to our office. “Soon I would like to join the machinists to see how they handle the rigs and how they deal with these data. Capacity, drilling depth and filling level: all data ultimately become a product. After these processes, we must be able to prove that everything is in order.” For special projects, Randolf will also execute and analyze vibration and sound levels. Measurements Randolf Kruithof plays an advising role in relation to foundation technology in specific areas that require attention for, among other aspects, sound levels, vibration levels and polluted soil. Does your project require additional attention in the field of vibration and sound level measurements? Or would you like to get answers to difficult questions about capacity checks? Contact us!