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September 25, 2014

Collaboration takes us further

The collaboration with our partner Hecon has been going on for years. More often, during the pre-stage, we get into the plans in-depth in order to think along. Knowledge and skills are shared on a broad level in order to prevent problems during the execution stage, also for the realization of the 30 apartments project ‘Amsterdamse Buurt’ in Haarlem.

Accessibility and capacity

During the planning stage for the project, Vroom has given advice about, among other aspects, the accessibility of the building site for the delivery of materials. In addition, we have dimensioned the capacity of the building excavations to be constructed.

The project

In the years to come, the Amsterdamse buurt will be truly transformed with the demolition of the 29 current homes on Drilsmaplein and Dr. Schaepmanstraat being the most drastic action as these all cope with serious foundation problems. This is why Elan Wonen opted for a new construction project. 29 homes will be demolished, 30 new apartments will be built. The apartments will be available for rent, partly in the subsidized and party in the private sector.

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