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October 16, 2014

The customer speaks

Together with Appel Beton we have started the collaboration with Thunnissen Bouw. Thunnissen’s Jos Stam speaks up about this collaboration in an interview with magazine B:ton.
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Source: B:ton

For Jos Stam, especially the process is decisive. About the collaboration with Appel Beton and Vroom he says the following: “It starts with prefab concrete piles as this is the cheapest option. Then you continue practically with prefab foundation beams and ground-floor timber floor cassettes. Vroom has applied the foundation and whenever you realize that there is a tolerance of 5 mm, you understand this is really an achievement. After the construction industry holiday, we have started to place the bodies including light-concrete walls and VBI hollow-core slabs. And then the neighbourhood suddenly develops fast. We actually give the prefab concrete manufacturers a lot of space and we buy a performance; we don’t tell them what they have to do.”

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