Precast floors

The construction also includes the ground floor slabs, which are executed in transportable elements. Since the floor elements can be well combined with the foundation installation, they are part of the delivery package. This also includes the pouring of the joints.


  • Housing construction
  • Apartments
  • Recreational homes
  • Utility construction (structure)
  • Foundations above water

The most common types of elements are ribbed floors and hollow core slab floors. The hollow core slab floors can be executed non-insulated if desired. We only install these on the ground floor. After the foundation beams are placed, the plumber can install the utilities. Then, the ground floors can be assembled and the joints poured with concrete. We deliver the floor up to the top of the rough ground floor.

Precast floors
Precast floors
Precast floors
Precast floors
Precast floors
Precast floors

Technical data


Floors are supplied in widths of 1200 and 900 mm. Accompanying infill plates are provided ranging from 500 to 850 mm in width. Lengths are custom-made up to a maximum of 7.2 meters.

Concrete Quality

Minimum C40/50 XC3 F4.

Steel Quality

Prestressing steel Y 1860, concrete steel Fe 500A.


In accordance with NEN2889.

Integration and Pouring Provisions

  • EPS meter box blocks
  • Openings

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